TTT v0.10.0


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    Apr 23, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


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TTT v0.10 "Bruno" introduces new features primarily designed to make the plugin more flexible in how it operates. This update is especially targeted toward larger servers and in particular BungeeCord networks.

New Features

  • Add option to configure plugin's operating mode
  • Add continuous mode
    • Players will not be ejected from the arena when a round ends
  • Add dedicated mode
    • Only one round exists on the server, which players are automatically added to upon joining and may not leave
    • This arena cycles per a configurable pattern every x rounds or minutes
  • Add basic BungeeCord support in correspondance with dedicated mode
  • When return-server is configured, players will be sent to that server on running /ttt leave instead of the command failing
  • Add optional force parameter to leave command to allow administrators to leave rounds in dedicated
  • Add tip to join message explaining leave command
  • Add pagination to help command
  • Add config option to toggle server-wide victory messages (false by default)
  • Add telemetry support

New Commands

  • Add /ttt arenainfo command


  • Improve DNA scanner behavior when no target is selected
  • Rename carena and rarena commands to createarena and removearena (old names are still available as aliases)

Removed Features

  • Remove reload command

Bug Fixes

  • Fix /ttt help help throwing an exception
  • Fix victory messages being sent even if a round never started
  • Fix players not being placed in spectator mode upon dying due to Multiverse conflict (special thanks to CraftBlock for helping track this down)
  • Fix plugin doing reflection lookup for getOnlinePlayers method every time it's invoked

Internal Changes

  • Properly implement command aliases internally
  • Rewrite forceend command implementation
  • Refactor event handlers to be more sane
  • Revamp config handler
  • Partially migrate to Rosetta 1.1 API features
  • Clean up helper classes a bit