TTT v0.8.5


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    Oct 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


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TTT v0.8.5 fixes issues with the Steel auto-installer and fixes scoreboards not clearing upon a round's preparation period being cancelled.


TTT v0.8.4 implements an auto-updater for Steel and adds more customized feedback to the existing update system.


TTT v0.8.3 fixes the arena creation wizard conflicting with chat-modifying plugins.


TTT v0.8.2 fixes the arena creation wizard, which was not working properly in prior 0.8.x versions.


TTT v0.8.1 fixes issues with the plugin when Steel is not installed on the server.


  • Enable metrics and auto-updater before Steel check

Bug Fixes

  • Fix plugin not gracefully failing when Steel is not installed

Internal changes

  • Move basic initialization code to discrete bootstrap class


TTT v0.8.0 "Chad" ports the plugin to the Flint engine, adds new utility commands, introduces UX enhancements, and removes select deprecated features.

New Features

  • Add interactive arena creation wizard
  • Add interactive lobby sign creation wizard via Flint
  • Implement per-player message localization via Rosetta
  • Add support for arena boundaries
  • Add listarenas command
  • Add listspawns command
  • Add optional support for spectating rounds in progress
  • Reset karma to low_autokick value on round join if below
  • Add output to addspawn and removespawn commands
  • Add partial Hungarian (hu_HU) locale


  • Change info color to DARK_AQUA (from DARK_PURPLE)
  • Switch spawning mode to random rather than sequential
  • Change visibility of arena join message to arena-local
  • Tweak round start/end countdowns
  • Use sidebar for karma scoreboard by default (as opposed to player list)
  • Display subtitles by default (instead of full-sized titles)
  • Rename several config keys (w/ backwards-compatibility) to more closely match official gamemode config
  • Remove material abstraction layer
    • Subsequently, config materials are now parsed as raw enum values (as opposed to converted from Minecraft's official name)
  • Deprecated permission nodes are no longer assigned by default
  • Add release codename to default command
  • Update locales

Removed Features

  • Remove arguments from carena command
  • Remove setexit command
  • Remove optional time argument from prepare and start commands
  • Remove legacy lobby sign syntax in favor of new wizard
  • Remove shorthand command syntax (e.g. /ttt j instead of /ttt join)
  • Remove /ttt quit command in favor of /ttt leave
  • Remove configurable scoreboard role-based prefixes
  • Remove guns-outside-arenas config option
  • Remove ANSI coloring from console messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fix inconsistent internal references to detectives
  • Fix DNA scanning when the body of a player who has left the round is scanned
  • Fix DNA scanning when the killer of a scanned body is spectating
  • Fix karma kick/ban-related config values not applying
  • Fix quirks regarding scoreboards and teams
  • Fix scoreboard flickering
  • Fix bodies replacing solid blocks

Internal Changes

  • Port to Flint engine
  • Migrate locale handling to Rosetta (should resolve most or all existing issues relating to localization)
  • Fully migrate to player UUIDs internally
  • Restructure/optimize how bodies are handled internally
  • Restructure/optimize how scoreboards are handled internally
  • Refactor an enormous amount of other code
  • Bump Bukkit dependency to 1.8.8-R0.1
  • Bump target JDK to 1.7