TTT v0.7.0


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    Feb 28, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


I'm pleased to present the latest version of the TTT plugin, 0.7.0. This version introduces several new features and adds some much-requested administrative functionality.

Note: This version requires MGLib v0.4.0 or greater.

New Features

  • Add /ttt kick command
  • Add /ttt ban command
  • Add /ttt prepare command
  • Add /ttt start command
  • Add /ttt end command
  • Add /ttt rarena command (for removing arenas)
  • Update /ttt setexit command (now accepts boolean flag to retain orientation)
  • Display titles to players on round start and end (optional)
  • Crowbar and gun items are now configurable
  • Use vanilla TTT algorithm for karma-based damage reduction
  • Tweak karma algorithms to always use 1000 as base karma
  • Add full UUID support
  • Break the plugin on cracked servers (not necessarily offline servers, BungeeCord is still good)
  • Greatly improve config checker (config is no longer completely reset when the plugin updates)
  • Fully localize plugin in German, Spanish, and Korean

Bug Fixes

  • Fix ban evasion via username change
  • Fix all issues related to UUIDs (this does not apply to cracked servers, buy the game)

Internal Changes (kind of boring, feel free to skip)

  • Bump MGLib dependency version to 0.4.0
  • Build project with Gradle instead of Maven
  • Change artifact ID to ttt (from TTT)
  • Shade in Updater and Metrics instead of direct inclusion
  • Refactor main package to net.caseif.ttt
  • Restructure comamnd handling
  • Remove TTTPlayer class in favor of metadata
  • Remove build stability checker
  • Remove most magic values
  • Read contributors from a separate file instead of hardcoding them
  • Move most messages to locale files
  • Convert locales to .properties format
  • Improve code formatting
  • Version suffix for snapshots now includes Git commit (if applicable)
  • Players receive fall damage upon falling into the void during the WAITING or PREPARING stages
  • Players may become invisible to each other under special circumstances involving teleports