TsunamiListener v1.0.1

Requires NuVotifer! Download it here! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/nuvotifier.13449/


This plugin offers a relatively simple vote listener with UUID support. You are able to run commands when a player votes, broadcast that they voted, offline queue for if the player is offline when they vote, and a /vote command to display your vote links.


This section will provide more information on what each option in the config does.

  • enabled-by-default | If set to true, when a player joins and has the permission autopockets.cmd, AutoPockets will enable automatically.
  • bm-online | Enable broadcast-message-online?
  • broadcast-message-online | Message that is broadcasted when a player votes and is online.
  • bm-offline | Enable broadcast-message-online?
  • broadcast-message-offline | Message that is broadcasted when a player votes and is offline.
  • rm | Enable reward-message?
  • reward-message | Message that is sent to voter.
  • vote-command-message | Message that is sent when a player executes /tvote.
  • vote-commands | Commands that are run when a vote is sent.


To install this plugin, simply download it and put it in the plugins folder on your server.


  • tsunami.cmd | Allows player to use /vote.
  • tsunami.offline | Players with this will be able to use the offline queue. If they vote while offline they will receive their voting rewards upon login.
  • tsunami.vote | Allows players to receive voting rewards if they vote while online.

Command Usage

  • /vote | Displays customizable voting information.

Current Features

  • UUID support
  • 1.10.2+ support
  • Run multiple commands when a player votes
  • Offline queue in-case a player votes while offline allowing them to receive their rewards upon login
  • Customizable multi-line /vote command
  • Easy and comprehensible configuration

Planned Features

  • /votetop - Allow users to see top voters
  • Vote Signs - Create signs that show top voters

Requests are welcome!


If you like my work and want to support what I do, this is my PayPal donation link: https://paypal.me/OceanSharma :)


View download page for an up-to-date changelog!


If you run in to any errors, please submit a ticket or direct message me instead of leaving a negative comment :)


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