TheShadbusher's Plugin

TheShadbusher's Plugin


This plugin adds many fun and practical features to Minecraft, but I strive to add what people want me to add. I plan on adding a working config and more features, most of which will default to operators, but all will have permissions, but I need to hear from the owners running this plugin about what they would like to see it do. Bear with me as this is my first plugin to go on BukkitDev.


  • Powerful tools - Spawnable with /shadpick, /shadsword, /shadbow, /shadsilk, and /shadweapon, these tools are for messing around with and, if you really want, hand out to players!
  • Powerful... pants? - /shadpants and /pshadpants give you a whole new look on armor! With both a normal and pointy variation to choose from, you'll always have armor to suit your needs!
  • Insane enchanter - With /shadchant, anything can get overpowered enchantments!
  • Enumerate entities in the world - With /getent, the number of entities is calculated and displayed!
  • Quell the op-askers - If someone asks for op or staff, (more keywords soon to come!) they will be prompted to give /shadop a try (unless the user does not have the tsbplugin.shadop permission (given by default); without the permission they are simply kicked), which will light them on fire, give them nausea, create an explosion effect (no damage to blocks, players, mobs, etc.), and play a Ghast shriek.
  • Miscellaneous commands: /chucknorris - kills the player if they are in Survival Mode (Creative Mode kills soon to come!); /crafting - opens up a crafting menu (very useful); /experience - gives the command sender 500 xp levels; /present - spawns the command sender a diamond pickaxe with slightly-mechanic-unbalancing, but not overpowered enchantments; /hack - kicks the player with the message "You're not allowed to hack the server!" and announces to everyone that the player tried to "hack" the server with /hack; /sneak - toggles the sender's sneak status (resembles Nodus's packet-mode sneak)


All permissions are in the form of tsbplugin.<command>, such as tsbplugin.hack

More soon!

Those are all the features the plugin has for now, but I plan to add a working config for a custom join message, and add a command to clear the entities in the chunk the sender is in!

Debug testing for the plugin is always helpful, and best of all - the plugin uses only the Bukkit API - it's been working since 1.3.2, and the only updates I've made were for new features (unless I coded a feature wrong and it didn't work). This means it *should* be relatively update-proof.


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