Trusty Trade

Trusty Trade



This is a simple lightweight plugin that allows players to trade in an RPG-type style
I made this plugin because sadly, you can't trust everybody, and RPGTrade wasn't getting updated to 1.7
This plugin is highly configurable, allowing you to change every aspect including text (localization.yml) and help items (config.yml)


(if you type the command without the text in parenthesis it will have the same result)
command description permission node
/tt the master command and an alias for "/tt help"
/tt a(ccept) accept a trade offer
/tt d(ecline) decline a trade offer
/tt r(eload) reload the config and localization tt.reload
/tt t(rade(with)) start a trade with/between the given player(s)
/trade an alias for "/tt trade"


permission node description default ignored with "use permissions: false" allows forcing trades between other players (/trade <player 1> <player 2> force) op false permission to do "/tt help" everyone true
tt.reload permission to do "/tt reload" op false permission to start a trade with other players everyone true permission to start a trade with other players by interacting with them everyone true any player with this will be invincible and will not be targeted by monsters during trades everyone true allows starting trades with players in other worlds op false allows starting trades between other players (/trade <player 1> <player 2>) op false


  • add in an option for per player localization for servers with players from all over the world, might require a database
  • add in some kind of API so other plugins can use trading for NPCs coming in the next build
  • <s>add separate permission node for "/trade <player1> <player2>"</s> added ""
  • fix shift events for moving items around when the trade inventory is open
  • set max distance for trading (bypassable with permissions) coming in the next build
  • <s>play around with console/commandblock "/trade" (it works fine now)</s> everything works now

known bugs

  • Lightloader only: items can be removed from the trade inventory and will only vanish after next inventory update


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