The True Legend

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This brings the true legend of.....................


back into Minecraft!

Most of those other Bukkit plugins that say they add the *real* Herobrine into your world, but they simply place a mad griefer into your world, out to get you and your players. What this plugin does (or will do) is summon a character exactly as the legends say. Any other features will be decided upon by the community, and ultimately by myself, as the creator and writer of this plugin.

What The True Legend Does:

This plugin gives the players on your server a fright with Herobrine sightings... and sudden disappearances! He can send you creepy messages (but nothing really serious, right?) He can be summoned with an altar, or the use of a command. Everything will be configurable, as soon as I can get a first release out there.

Planned Features:


  • /legend <smite,slay,kill,destroy> I'm still figuring out if this command should use all, some, or one of these arguments. Suggestions in the comments would be useful. ;)
  • /legend <haunt> [player] [time] If a player is specified, then Herobrine will haunt that player for either the specified time, or a random time if none is specified. If no player is specified, then Herobrine will choose a random player based upon who is online, except those with the legend.ignore permission (see below)
  • /lg Will work as a command alias.


  • MinTime: integer - This specifies the minimum time that Herobrine will haunt a player.
  • MaxTime: integer - This specifies the maximum time that Herobrine will haunt a player.

Herobrine's Passive Abilities

  • Builds small pyramid structures in the world
  • Places random signs with menacing messages in front of the player.

Herobrine's Active Abilities

  • Creates traps for a haunted player
  • Rearranges a player's inventory
  • Tends to spawn when nobody else can hear your screams......

To Do for First Release - 0.1:

  • Initial Release
  • Herobrine appearances in world


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