TrollCommands is a plugin that allows anyone with the right permissions to annoy, harass, and enrage other players. Server owners and admins can use the various commands to punish their players in creative and hilarious ways.

Do note that some commands will damage the surrounding terrain (/creep, /vaporize, /bomb, etc). Please use your common sense so you don't accidentally destroy something important.

A troublesome player is bombed into the sky!

/troll [page]NoneSame as /help TrollCommands [page].
/vaporize <player> [power]/vapExplodes target with a specified power. To disable block damage, use a negative value.
/lift <player>NoneLaunches target into the sky.
/creep <player>NoneSpawns a charged creeper at the target's location.
/swap <player> <player>NoneSwaps two players' locations.
/entomb <player>NoneSuffocates the target player underground.
/slowpoke <player> [time (s)]NoneApplies a Potion of Slowness to the target.
/electrify <player>/elecSpams the target with lightning bolts.
/zombify <player>/zombSpawns a horde of zombies next to the target.
/slap <player> [force]NoneSlaps the target.
/cannon [speed]NoneShoots a primed TNT wherever you're looking.
/banish <player> [range]NoneTeleports the target to a random location.
/bomb <player>NoneBombards the target with a volley of fireballs.
/freeze <player>NoneToggles whether the player is frozen in place.
/comet [power]NoneShoots a fireball of adjustable power.
/stampede <player>NoneUnleashes a herd of mad cows on the target.
/haunt <player>NoneToggles creepy sounds near the target.
/lure <player>NoneAttracts nearby monsters to the target player.
/garble <player>NoneToggles target's chat messages as gibberish or normal.
/weakling <player>NoneToggles target as super-weak or normal.
/spin <player>NoneToggles target as spinning or not.

Remember, I need your bug reports and suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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