TrollBoss v4.5


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    Jul 31, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


Version 4.5 for Spigot 1.9.4

  • added command /spank [player / all]
  • use '/spank all' to spank all players online at once
  • added permission 'troll.spank'
  • added some more spam messages

Version 4.4.1 for Spigot 1.9.4

  • changed name to TrollBoss

Version 4.4 for Spigot 1.9.4

  • implemented Plugin Metrics API
  • added 2nd special: Blockshooter
  • you will get an item which shoots blocks, if they land near a player he will be damaged. Shot blocks will disappear after 3 seconds. They won't cause lagg.
  • added Troll-Gui. When typing '/troll [player]' it will open the Gui and you can choose how to troll the player.
  • additional bug fixes
  • changed command '/special [player]' to 'special [number] [player]'
  • added command '/troll [player]'
  • a Troll-Gui will open, where you can choose how to troll the player
  • added permission 'troll.gui' (to open the Troll-Gui)
  • fixed '/turn' command acting wrong
  • fixed '/bolt' command acting wrong

Version 4.3 for Spigot 1.9.4

  • added command '/webtrap [player] [time]' (trapps a player in web for [time] seconds)
  • old blocks at the location of the web will be replaced!
  • changed command '/spam [player]' to '/spam [player] [amount]'
  • this command will now spam a player for [amount] times with random colored messages.
  • added permission 'troll.webtrap' (for '/webtrap')
  • bug fixes and improvements on certain commands
  • recoded some parts in a better way, .jar file is smaler now.

Version 4.2 for Spigot 1.9.4

  • added command '/freefall [player] [high]' (let's a player be freefalling from a certain high)
  • added permission 'troll.freefall' (for '/freefall')
  • added permission 'troll.bypass' (to not be trolled)
  • bug fixes and improvements on certain commands

Version 4.1.S

  • Version 4.1 for Spigot 1.8.8

Version 4.1

  • added /crash <player> | kicks a player from the server with a long java error message
  • added troll.crash | for /crash <player>

Version 4.0

  • updated for Craftbukkit 1.8.8
  • completely rewrote the plugin because of data lost
  • fxed minor bugs and made some little changes on some commands, made commands better so that the plugin runs smoother
  • added /pumpkinhead <player> | to change the head of a player to a pumpkin
  • added /bury <player> <time> | to bury a player for <time> seconds
  • added /nomine <player> <time> | to prevent a player from breaking blocks for <time> seconds
  • added /randomtp <player> <count> | to teleport a player <count> times randomly
  • added troll.pumpkinhead | for /pumpkinhead <player>
  • added troll.bury | for /bury <player> <time>
  • added troll.nomine | for /nomine <player> <time>
  • added troll.randomtp | for /randomtp <player> <count>

Version 3.8

  • added some more spam messages
  • fixed some grammar errors
  • bug fixing

Version 3.7

  • added command '/void [player]'
  • added permission 'troll.void'
  • fixed some bugs

Version 3.6

  • added command '/turn [player]'
  • added command '/starve [player] [amount]'
  • added command '/hurt [player] [amount]'
  • added permission 'troll.turn'
  • added permission 'troll.starve'
  • added permission 'troll.hurt'
  • changed '/troll help' command, now '/troll help [page] (1-3)'

Version 3.5

  • added command '/fakerestart [time]'
  • added pemission 'troll.fakerestart'
  • description of this command: With this command you can define a delay, a counter will start to count down the delay and when it hits 0 every player, except the player who run the command, will get kicked.
  • rewrote badapple command and listener
  • added permission 'troll.badapple.bypass'
  • if you have this permission the badapple won't kill you
  • fixed some bugs on the '/potatotroll' command
  • other bug fixes

Version 3.4

  • added command '/herobrine'
  • added pemission 'troll.herobrine'

Version 3.3

  • added config
  • added auto-update feature, define in the config if the plugin should auto-update when a new version is available

Version 3.2

  • added new command: '/tptroll' | '/tptroll [player]'
  • added new permission: 'troll.tptroll'
  • added new command: '/infect' | '/infect [player]'
  • added new permission: 'troll.infect'
  • added new random spam messages for '/spam'

Version 3.1

  • changed chat colors at '/troll help' command
  • removed minor grammar mistakes