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    May 21, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14


Version 6.0

  • fixed console spamming
    fixed 17 commands not working at all since the last update
    fixed plugin files not creating
    fixed some events behaving in the wrong way or not triggering at all
    fixed logical error where the garbage message file only contained the messages in the first language the plugin was used with --> now uses messages of both languages and uses them based on the language setting
  • fixed "/runforrest" command acting for the command executor, not for the target. Also changed the minimum (seconds) from 0 -> 3 and the maximum from 120 -> 60
    fixed "/anvil" command not working at all or acting weird
    fixed "/stfu" command in the Troll-Gui
  • added possibility to the "/badapple" command: operators can eat it now too and die from it if the "/trollop" setting is set to true
  • edited some items in the Troll-Gui
  • updated to Minecraft Version 1.14(.1)