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  • _ForgeUser9408070 created this issue Sep 19, 2013

    I have a question regarding the compatibility of Crackshot and Tribu. I noticed that the most recent comment on Tribu's page asked if Crackshot worked with Tribu and the author replied that there was no reason that it would not work but I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work so that players can buy these weapons from Crackshot on signs. If anyone has figured it out and got it to work well, please reply here because Tribu would be that much better with guns from Crackshot!

    P.S.: I tried to add a category called "Guns" under the DefaultPackages node (which I had to create in config.yml) but I got an error in the server log and was not able to load any level.

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  • _ForgeUser7460379 posted a comment Sep 20, 2013

    To be honest, I have no idea what is Crackshot. But still there is no reason it doesn't work with tribu. Tribu will give you what id you specified so just put the adequate id

    As all plugin, if you broke up the config file the plugin won't load, please refer to the documentation, and make sure your config file is a valid yaml file :

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