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  • _ForgeUser7460379 created this issue Jul 19, 2012

    @graindcafe: Go

    Wow I am dumb. I have one pretty needed suggestion. Make it so that you can set up tribu doors. You look at the top or bottom of an iron door and type in /tribu door (doorname) (cost). When users right click that door it will buy it. Instead of using clunky redstone that breaks and stuff, you can link spawns to doors. For example, I can then configure 3 new spawns behind that door. First I set them with /zspawn set spawn1 /zspawn set spawn2 /zspawn set spawn3 Then, I simply link those spawns to the door. I type /tribu link spawn1 (doorname) /tribu link spawn2 (doorname) /tribu link spawn3 (doorname). THERE! Now when I open a door all of these three spawns will be activated. Simple, no redstone, no hassle, no signs!

    This is so crucial for me. I will be willing to donate $10 for this feature alone. I know it's not much, but its what I currently have :D

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  • _ForgeUser7460379 posted a comment Jul 19, 2012

    Please directly do a ticket next time ;-)

  • _ForgeUser7460379 posted a comment Jul 20, 2012

    Well, how can you know what is inside the room or outside ?

    But, a similar feature will be add for 0.7

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