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  • _ForgeUser7460379 created this issue Jul 18, 2012

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, thank you for using the ticket system to report a bug or suggest something and thank you to pay attention to well writing it by reading this.

    Why post a ticket ?

    Tickets help me to keep things organized. This way I know where to check if I fixed all bugs and if I added all planed features etc... Moreover, as it's public several people can participate to a ticket. This way it really help to collect information about a bug or to convince me that a suggestion should be add.

    Before posting

    Before posting please do 2 things :

    How to post a ticket ?

    See the BIG form ? Don't be affraid, that's not really hard, but please fill everything ! A well-filled ticket will be processed in priority, and well-reporting a bug makes it solved quicker.

    So, what is important ? Almost everything ...

    Filling the form :

    • Milestone : It's really important to specify which version you're using !
    • Type : "Defect" for a bug "Enhancement" for a suggestion, "Task" if it's something to do but not in the plugin (like "making more doc")
    • Priority : Try to be objective, put "Critical" if the game is not playable at all, "High" if a feature is totally broken, "Medium" if a feature is not working with certain condition, "Low" if the problem can be bypassed but need to be fixed. If it's a suggesion, prefer "Low", and "Medium" if it's something really missing.
    • Status : Let it "New" at beginning, after posting it you can control the status of your ticket so please use this feature.
    • Component : Not used yet
    • Assigned to : Not used yet
    • Markup type : This can be changed to put some formatting in your description

    Filling the description

    Please take your time to be as comprehensive as possible. Tell me almost everything. Do not hesitate to post your config. You can also post a screenshot by checking the checkbox at end of the form. Do not hesitate to put some formatting by changing the Markup Type Please follow the pre-filled description and answer every questions

    Choosing the title

    It has to be done at end ! The title should sum up your description, so no "Bug report" or "Some issues" or whatever, if your bug report is about a mob not spawning then the title should be "Not spawning mob" not "Plugin not workin" ...

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