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    Oct 10, 2011
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  • CB 1185


  • <font color="#339966">Added : Localization system (GLS), sentences will be stored in files, one file per language, language will be selectionable into the config file. You will be able to customize it by creating another file and putting the setting "Default" to your main language.</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Spanish language, thanks HJPower</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : German language, thanks Wiesel
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Zombies try to reach the initial spawn / players when they spawn .. but they are as stupid as a zombie can be !</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : /tribu stats</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Redone (because do it just one time it's not funny ) Blocks trace, all blocks placed/breaked during the level will be undone. Only for players in the game. Ops need to leave the game if they want to modify the map. Warning ! Activate lever/redstone circuitry, fill/empty a chest/furnace will not be caught.</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Zombie can be resistant to fire so that you can kill them during day</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : You can add/remove a special sign by clicking on it</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Setting, Heal players at wave start</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Added : Toll Sign that require you to pay to cross door / activate button</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Modified : Colors are now darker so that it's not anymore flashy and more consistent with a zombie plugin ... it's not about teletubbies !
  • <font color="#339966">Modified : ServerExclusive is now "false" by default
  • <font color="#339966">Modified : Everybody can change the map except for special signs
  • <font color="#339966">Modified : Separate players and ops commands when you mistyped the command</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : A bug when several players try to play with ServerExclusive: false
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Player respawn with no level loaded cause a GRAVE error into the console</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Sometimes, you can't place or break a block when "ServerExclusive: false" and no level is loaded</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Sign "Zombie Spawner" was not considered at level start.</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Try to buy an unknown item will no longer charge you.</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Wave end will no longer fail !</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Fixed : Highscores</font>
  • <font color="#339966">Improved many little things</font>
  • <font color="#339966"><u>Thanks to dbwiesel,kotpsx3 for helping me to test the new version.</u> </font>
  • (No bug, no problem) Tombstone will intercept the items drop of a player when he die before this plugin so "DontLooseItem" can't be used with Tombstone, items will be in the chest and not restitued to the player