Trey's Auto Smelt

This allows players to get ores, like iron or gold, smelted upon mining it. Other ores, like coal, diamonds, quartz, just make it easier to be picked up, either in your inventory or just dropped on the ground in front of you. It also works with food.
This would be perfect if you had a jail server and wanted players to get their ores or food easier and smelted or cooked upon mining an ore, or killing an animal. It would also be helpful if you had a speed UHC server and wanted player's to not have to smelt ores or food.
This adds in one command which is /treysautosmelt. You can reload the config or you can just see the information about the plugin.
There are quite a few permissions, so I have included them, along with the commands, inside of the config.yml. I wouldn't recommend giving all players smelt.*, as it allows them to also reload the config, which if done too many times in a short amount of time, could lag the server.
Other info: This plugin contains Metrics. Disable it in the config. It collects information about your server like its player count, java version, along with other anonymous info.


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