Trend's Manhunt

This is a recreation of Dream's Manhunt gamemode, but with more key features!


In a Minecraft Manhunt, the speedrunner tries to beat minecraft before hunter(s) try to stop them. There are multiple features in this plugin, including giving headstarts and also having a distance counter while tracking on compass.



Features * - configurable through config

- Headstart support
- Supports multiple runners
- Custom particle death effects (2+ runners)*
- Distance counter for compass tracking*
- Heal and feed players on start*
- Clear inventories and reset achievements on start*
- Nether tracking compass support
- Nether Fortress tracker for runner(s)*
- Piglin enderpearl drop rate boost for runner(s)*
- Teamchat with your team
- Discord integration with commands*
- Win/Loss message and help commands


/huntgame: Start a manhunt while giving a headstart, or use for general info on the plugin.
/hunter: Add hunters and remove them along with other uses
/runner: Add speedrunners and remove them along with other uses


Every command has more subcommands, and you can find out their uses in game.


In regards to starting a manhunt, please take note:

You have to right click the compass for it to start tracking the runner, and have to keep right clicking to update it. The hunter must left click to cycle between runners to track. 

Keep in mind that 1.16.1 doesn't support nether tracking.

Here is a list of permissions:

  • manhunt.* - This permission gives access to every permission in the plugin
  • manhunt.hunter - This permission is needed to be able to use the /hunter command.
  • manhunt.speedrunner - This permission is needed to be able to use the /runner command.
  • manhunt.huntgame - This permission is needed to be able to use the /huntgame command.

How to install
1. Download the .jar file
2. Go to your server folder and drag it or copy it to the  plugins folder
3. Restart your server (by closing and reopening the server starter file)

Anyways, have fun with your friends! 😎


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