Nether trees not always recognized as trees #285

  • acoupleofgnerds created this issue Nov 6, 2020

    A lot, and I mean A LOT of the crimson and warped trees in the nether generate in such a way that they merge with areas of netherrack above them.  When they generate that way, the plugin is unable to recognize them as trees and won't take the whole thing down.  And that's pretty frustrating, since a lot of the nether trees that generate that way are pretty tall.

    Sidenote: the plugin also makes nether trees generate apples when cut, which shouldn't happen by default since wort blocks don't produce any when broken normally.

  • metaldj666 posted a comment Jul 5, 2022



    erstma danke für das coole Plugin.


    Aber was ist mit der Azalee und den Mangroven ?


    Whats up with Azalee and Mangrove ?


    Thnx für Rückinfo




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