TreeAssist v5.8.76


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    Jul 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


This build works on 1.6 servers and supports 1.7 trees!

v5.8.76 - support DURABILITY enchantment :)
v5.8.75 - fix another CCE because of bukkit not fully supporting minecraft 1.7 trees
v5.8.74 - partially revert the internal rewrite. 1.7 trees are not fully supported by bukkit. Fixed for now!
v5.8.73 - revert default behaviour. You need to set Main.Initial Delay to true before the delay is used!
v5.8.72 - fix "Initial Delay" for Auto Destruct. This defaulted to 10 seconds but never worked. Now it does. Beware!
v5.8.71 - add "Automatic Tree Destruction.Required Lore" - require a special lore for the tool to work
v5.8.70 - add /treeassist purge global - removes entries of blocks in invalid worlds or not of type LOG and LOG_2
v5.8.69 - finish the addition!
v5.8.68 - how about we actually add the timestamp?
v5.8.67 - add /ta purge [days|worldname] to remove unneeded blocklist entries
v5.8.66 - support global toggle - addresses github issue #236
v5.8.65 - allow to disable the plugin when sneaking
v5.8.64 - finally fix the NPE from #58
v5.8.63 - fix the fact that new tools break. Thanks, TNTUP!
v5.8.62 - fix the fix
v5.8.61 - fully move to Prism 2.0
v5.8.60 - support Prism 2.0 --> "Prism2"
v5.8.58 - fix another NPE
v5.8.57 - fix NPE in modded trees fail check
v5.8.56 - add /treeassist noreplant - don't replant saplings for configured time
v5.8.55 - readd libraries
v5.8.54 - fix negative durability hacks
v5.8.53 - add /treeassist protecttool - protect individual saplings!
v5.8.52 - add a world parameter to the toggle command
v5.8.51 - add 'Main.Toggle Default' to default to disabled TA by default
v5.8.50 - disable block null spam, not necessary!

1.7 trees could possibly lead to CCEs because bukkit does not yet properly support all tree types. In case you find one, please double (!!) check you are on the latest JENKINS version before creating a new ticket.