TreeAssist v5.11.51


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    Aug 19, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


a version specifically compiled for the changes around MC 1.9 and will break under anything since MC 1.13


v5.11.51 - Allow for silk touch on mushrooms
v5.11.50 - DarkOak also fixed for github issue #19 now - sorryyy
v5.11.49 - Address github issue #19 by double checking the verification for big trees
v5.11.48 - Address github issue #18 by verifying that a tree is actually big
v5.11.47 - Add a toggle to disable the plugin when NOT sneaking "When Not Sneaking" - makes sense, right?
v5.11.46 - Fix big spruce trees not being recognized properly
v5.11.45 - Do not try to place saplings on invalid ground
v5.11.44 - Try fixing an API change in mcMMO
v5.11.43 - This is why I normally do not work without an IDE - maybe finally fix build?
v5.11.42 - GitHub desktop is not searchable. Good to know. PSPad to the rescue! Fix breaking build
v5.11.41 - remove unused debuggers
v5.11.39 - several improvements, in the leaf decay enhancement and the block list
v5.11.38 - catch another NPE in DarkOak implementation
v5.11.37 - catch NPE in DarkOak Tree implementation, skip air blocks when removing later
v5.11.36 - rewrite of the tree implementation, a TON of duplicated code removed, tested in all environments, it SHOULD work

v5.10.35 - optimize dark oak tree determination - cut down the fat down to FIVE percent of the former checks
v5.10.34 - optimize big jungle tree determination - take the block checks down to 20% from before
v5.10.33 - optimize thin jungle tree determination
v5.10.32 - optimize acacia determination, let's not talk about statistics here, just take it :P
v5.10.31 - optimize birch and redwood tree determination, depending on the tree cutting down the block checks by up to 75%!
v5.10.30 - optimize birch and redwood tree determination, depending on the tree cutting down the block checks by up to 75%!
v5.10.29 - treat trees only as big if they actually are, and possibly remove double discovery of trees in some cases
v5.10.28 - fix the pom and compiling by adding mcMMO to libs
v5.10.27 - add "Auto Add To Inventory" to allow for even easier harvesting
v5.10.26 - split Dark Oak and Acacia handling - fix dark oak overhangings not being removed
v5.10.25 - implement command "findforest" to find a certain wood type (1000 block radius) - fix command reply for OPs using no arguments
v5.10.24 - implement a new way of saving data files. Actually the system before seems to not have worked properly. Imports old and last versions!
v5.10.23 - address github issue #6 - saplings change to oak when forcegrow fails
v5.10.22 - attempt to catch the race condition noted in issue #3 - thanks to @aikar and @SidShakal