TreeAssist v5.10.21


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    Aug 19, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


An update specifically compiled for 1.8, with some fixes of the later 1.9 versions


v5.10.21 - finish up github issue #4 - tested in a tiny environment. Backups are being made but use with caution!
v5.10.20 - address github issue #5
v5.10.19 - address github issue #3 partially and implement github issue #4
v5.10.18 - try to fix a client display bug - with brute force
v5.10.17 - push this version to jenkins, fix an issue about disappearing items in 1.10, backwards compatible to 1.9!
v5.10.4 - add more keywords to start and stop debugging
v5.10.3 - add cooldown override for forcebreak
v5.10.2 - add forcebreak, forcegrow, including permissions and messages
v5.10.1 - pull all fixes from the 1.8 branch and fix mcMMO config reading

v5.9.11 - add commands "addcustom" and "removecustom" - setting the first three items to custom block group (SAPLING, LOG, LEAF)
v5.9.10 - revert the API update, because Spigot did not do that, or did revert it
v5.9.9 - ignore some number errors in the data.yml parsing , remove them
v5.9.8 - revert back to including libs - seems we cannot rely on those maven repos :P
v5.9.7 - prevent StackOverflow for now, I will have to look into this in detail, but later
v5.9.6 - yeah. finally fixed LogBlock
v5.9.5 - -
v5.9.4 - fix LogBlock?
v5.9.3 - one last chance for LogBlock
v5.9.2 - update to Java 7 and Spigot 1.8.8