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Message from Taien

I've officially changed the license to Public Domain. I don't have time to maintain the project anymore, obviously. Sorry guys....hopefully someone will take over for me. If you want me to give you official access to the plugin, PM me. I'll pick someone based on their other plugins' quality. I put a lot of work into this plugin and am sorry to have to do this, but I don't even really play MC anymore since I no longer am in contact with all the people I used to play with. Sorry...

Hello everyone. This is my second released plugin for bukkit, but probably my tenth or twelfth overall.

The purpose of TreasureHunt is to give people even more fun things to do in your server. The plugin allows your worlds to randomly generate chests based on very specific settings that you choose. You can use any number of worlds with this plugin, and each can have a different configuration. :) You can also set up specifically enchanted items to appear in your chests, stationary chests that respawn after an interval (with a bit of randomization), and as many custom item lists as you could ever want - to use a separate item list for each world or even for each stationary chest!

For ALL info on how it works, please see the Plugin Tutorial section. :)

Plugins Supported

  • PRIOR TO 1.0: Vault (for economy and permissions)
  • 1.0+: Vault (for economy and permissions), WorldGuard and Towny (to prevent chests spawning in certain areas)

Note: If you don't use Vault, ops can still do the admin commands. See command list for details.

Help! I can't get any chests to spawn automatically!

Please see Example Configs. :)

Planned Features (Soon)

  • Option to create maps centered at the chest location, fully mapped.
  • Suggestions?

Next Version (1.2)

Green = Done Red = Not Done Gold = In Progress

  • Add support for Residence.
  • Config option ChooseChunkFirst - will tell location selection to choose one chunk to perform all of the spawn checks in. This will potentially cause more failed spawns (meaning the spawn attempt would be cancelled until you hit your random chest chance again), but is designed to help out servers which backup their world on a constant basis. (TreasureHunt needs to check certain conditions in each spawn location. This causes the chunk's modified date to update on the server, although I fail to understand why since it's not actually changing anything. To prevent many chunks being "modified" by TreasureHunt, this option will be added.)
  • Command for normal players to find out how many of each type of chest (Common, Uncommon, etc) are currently present in the world.
  • Change Damage on EnchantedItems entires to MinDamage and MaxDamage, to give you a chance to assign the spawned item a random damage between those values if you wish.
  • Cover error messages with the new message system as well.
  • Config option to have messages about chests only displayed within the world they originated in.
  • Command to view a list of EnchantedItems entries ingame, /th enchlist. Command to view a list of CustomLists entries and one for WorldLists, /th customlists and /th worldlists.
  • RandomGen and GenValue options for EnchantedItems entries, to allow the plugin to randomly assign enchantments to the item instead of using the Effects list to be specific.
  • Command to view a list of EnchantedItems entries ingame, /th enchlist. Command to view a list of CustomLists entries and one for WorldLists, /th customlists and /th worldlists.

Known Bugs

  • See Ticket section.


Version 1.1

  • Removed TopChestsByValue config option and converted /tophunters to /top and /top values, which displays by chests or by values respectively. /top command is also aliased as /thtop.
  • Fixed a bug with PlayerData loading. /top should no longer reset on server restarts.
  • Moved other updates to 1.2 due to PlayerData bug needing a fast release.

Version 1.0

Note About 1.0

Be sure to back up your config prior to updating to 1.0. There are changes to the config structure, and to be honest I am not good at writing conversion methods. The changes will be obvious enough once you see the new version of the config compared to the old version, so you should be able to copy/paste old data directly into the new file once you've got it running.

  • New optimization for chest spawning. No more lag when a chest location is being selected!
  • Connection to WorldGuard to prevent chests spawning in regions where block breaking and chest access are disabled.
  • Connection to Towny to prevent chests spawning in town blocks.
  • Config option to set the levels at which chests become Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Epic. (Currently they are 1500, 2500, 3500, and 4500 respectively.)
  • Custom (named) Item Lists, and an ItemList option for each world as well as each stationary chest. (Worlds will only be able to use itemlists from the WorldLists section; Stationary chests will be free to use WorldLists or CustomLists.)
  • Complete rewrite of the way configs are handled so as to prevent the 'where's my config file?' issue. Apparently I've been using an outdated method of config usage. :/
  • Config option to choose the block left behind after a chest fades (perviously hardcoded to soulsand). Also the ability to say RETURN instead of a block name to have the block return to what it was before the chest spawned.
  • Permission node for starthunt commands, in the format of (or *). Also still covers this.
  • Permission node for stationary chest commands, in the format of (or *). Also still covers this.
  • A command to view a list of the top ten chest-finders, with listings of the total value of the chests they have found, as well as a command to clear the list and a config option whether to display by number of chests found or total value of chests found.
  • Finish/fix directional text, so that when a player does /hunt(or uses the tool) it will tell them which direction they need to turn to be facing the chest in addition to the distance. Config option to shut off this function already exists.

Complete Changelog


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