1. Download the latest version here.
  2. Place it in your plugins folder
  3. Start/reload your server
  4. Change settings at plugins/TreasureChest/config.yml
  5. Give players permissions

The Basics

  1. Place a (large) chest and put items in it. (or some other block with an inventory)
  2. Look at the chest, and execute /tchest set

  3. Optionally make it an unlimited chest with /tchest u
  4. Optionally make it a random chest with /tchest random [random amount of item-stacks]
  5. Optionally change messages using /tchest setmsg <number> <message>
  6. Optionally allow access again, only after a 2 days and 10 minutes, using /tchest setforget 2 0 10 0
  7. Optionally ignore protection by another plugin, using /tchest ip
  8. Optionally add rewards.with /tchest reward add, it will show you the way!

Change items

If you want to change the items, of an existing treasure:

  1. Execute /tchest forget to make sure you will see the original items, when you open it.
  2. Open the inventory, and change the items.
  3. Execute /tchest set

Some treasures are for some ranks

If you want certian treasures, to be accessible to certain ranks:

  1. Add ranks to the list in the config.yml file. For example: [admin, vip, member]
  2. Give players a rank using permissions. For example: "treasurechest.rank.member" (permission must be lowercase)
  3. Then, allow certain ranks to certain treasures. For example, look at a tchest and type: /tchest rank add member

Special rewards

You can add special rewards like, money, experience, automatic command, etc.

  1. Execute /tchest reward add
  2. It will show you a list of reward types
  3. Say the name of the reward type, in chat (for example: explosion)
  4. The plugin will show you exactly how to add that reward type