TreasureChest 8.4.1


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    Mar 19, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0


Version 8.4.1

  • Update for CB 1.5-R0.1
  • Fixed issue with cancelling events like right-click.

Version 8.4

  • Update for CB 1.5-R0.1
  • Fixed some permission problems, thanks to DerFlash (see commit 38)
  • Fixed NoClassDefError forever
  • Added lore support, I think

Beware, treasures that have not been used since Bukkit version 1.4.2, will lose information about the written book item.

When Bukkit started supporting custom item names, this plugin would automatically start saving/loading treasures with bukkit's new format. It would also still save/load them in my old format for books. But, now I removed the code for the old format! So only the new format is supported.
This means that if a treasure has not been loaded and saved since 1.4.2 or something, they will no longer work in this version.