TreasureChest 7.1


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    Apr 24, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


Version 7.1

Improved system against Campers
When a player opens a TreasureChest, a new "fake" inventory is created, just for him!

In version 7.0 and older, items were simply added. And players were grabbing their treasure from the same inventory.
But now, when 2 players click on the same chest, they will be looking at different inventories!
This prevents ninjas and TreasureChest campers for real !

The side effect
Don't leave valueble items behind in a TreasureChest.
Remember... you are not leaving items behind in the chest, but in a "fake inventory" just for you.
This "fake inventory" will not be there forever. In fact,
it will disappear after 30sec. unless you open it again within that time.

In other words, don't be fooled! It's not a private chest. Altough it sometimes looks like it.


  • Fixed TreasureChest camper problem.
  • Don't leave valueble items behind in a TreasureChest, after you have opened it.
    Because they "reset" after 30 seconds.. per player.. per chest.

Version 7
Simply updating to this version is not possible.
You have to remove all old files, then install this version.

This version requires CB 1.2.3-R0.3
Otherwise you get an error, something about the DoubleChest class not being found.

  1. Only 1 player can look in a chest at a time (this was a big issue)
  2. Any container block can be a tchest (dispenser/furnace/brewingstand)
  3. Added command /tchest random [amount of randomly chosen stacks]
  4. Configurable default messages
  5. Remember "disable_chest_access_protection" ? That is now configurable pér tchest! Via /tchest ip (ignoreprotection)
  6. List command, to list all tchests that you found
  7. List -All command to list all tchests on the server
  8. No more SQLite... all yml-files now (some servers had problems)
  9. Count command is hopefully less confused, since doublechests are now 1 thing instead of 2 combined things.

New permission nodes:

  • treasurechest.list
  • treasurechest.list.all
  • treasurechest.random
  • treasurechest.ignoreprotection
  • treasurechest.admin (default for OP, grants all permissions)
  • treasurechest.player (default false, grants all permissions a player would normally get)

New commands:

  • /tchest random [amount of randomly chosen stacks]
  • /tchest ignoreprotection
  • /tchest list
  • /tchest list -all