TravelPad is a new kind of social teleportation system! It was created as a simple plugin request on the forums, but has evolved into something much larger. Most useful of all, TravelPad helps your server avoid conflict by stopping all abuse of command-based teleportation systems, like /warp, /home, /tp, etc. (although you can still utilize these commands alongside TravelPad if you wish)


Each player is allowed to create 1 TravelPad by default (you can allow more, see the permissions below) which they create and name. Once this is done, the name becomes like a key to get to their base, mine, fort, hideout, or anywhere else they have put it. You can choose to share your name with the world and have them come visit your amazing house, or keep it nice and secret where nobody can find out.

Other players with TravelPads can stand on top of it and teleport to any other TravelPad on the map (see commands below), which helps prevent players from doing things like typing /spawn in the middle of a PvP battle, or using /tp to illegally get to a place that they should not be. If you know the name, you can warp from your TravelPad to their's, and vice versa. Bottom line.

There are a ton of configuration options like charging money to create, charging money to teleport, requiring an item (or a "key" of sorts) to allow teleportation, so on and so forth. Explore and have fun!

Video tutorial and demo:

Or check out some community videos:


Click here for documentation on the TravelPad API!

Click here for plugins for TravelPad!



Click here!


To install a language, simply download the lang.yml file for that language, and drag it into your TravelPad folder (overwrite the existing one)

Want to help translate TravelPad? Download the english version of lang.yml, translate it into your native tounge, and then PM it back to me! Thanks for the help!


  • Permissions support
  • Multi-World support
  • Economy support (Vault)
  • Allow players to choose names/locations/who knows how to get there
  • Lightweight portal protection
  • Multiple languages
  • Allow users or admins to delete a Travel Pad at any time
  • Does not clutter your map (Travel Pads are small, and if they expire or a player deletes it the physical portal is also removed from the map.)


  • /Travelpad Identify - Identifies the current pad you are standing on.
  • /Travelpad Name [name] - Names your created pad.
  • /Travelpad tp [name]- Teleports your player to the specified travelpad.
  • /Travelpad delete - Deletes the travelpad you own.
  • /Travelpad delete [name] - Allows admins to delete any portal by name.


  • travelpad.create - Allows a player to make a travelpad.
  • travelpad.teleport - Teleports your player to the specified travelpad.
  • travelpad.delete.all - Allows admins to delete any pad by name.
  • travelpad.infinite - Allows a player to have infinite pads.
  • travelpad.max.[number] - Allows a player to have a set amount of pads. For instance, a player with travelpad.max.4 will be able to have up to 4 pads


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