Would you like to be able to make transporters along the lines of Star Trek in Minecraft? Look no further. With this plugin you can quickly make point to point transporters that allow your players to instantly travel from one point in a Bukkit world to another.


Place a chest, and put something in it. The contents of the chest are the "key" that links the transporter. The number of items does not matter, just the individual elements. So one sand is the same as 64 sand in a stack, but two separate sand blocks in different slots of the chest would be a different "key". The pattern is irrelevant.

Next, put a block of quartz on top of the chest (yes, this will keep the chest from being opened). This makes the quartz block a transporter. However, it won't do anything until you create another transporter with the same key.

Multiple Links and Hubs

The first transporter created with a given key is the parent or "hub". If you only create one other transporter with the same key, it will act as a point-to-point transporter between those two points. If you create additional linked transporters with the same key, you can travel to the hub and if you travel back through it will be taken to the last transporter you used to get to the hub. If you didn't use that transporter to get to the hub, you'll simply be transported to the first child transporter.


This project uses SQLite and SQLibrary. Your Minecraft server must support SQLite ( and you must install the Bukkit mod SQLibrary from here: Transporters requires the latest version (7.1).


If you have SQLite and SQLibrary installed, simply copy the Transporters.jar file to your plugin folder and start your server. I do not recommend using the /reload command outside of test environments. Reloading plugins can cause problems, and it's always safest to simply stop and start your server.

After starting your server, Transporters is enabled.


There is only one configuration option at the moment: debug. It defaults to false, but if you change this in config.yml it will cause the plugin to emit diagnostic information to the server log.


None currently. Permissions for creating, destroying and using transporters are under development.

Known Issues

  • Transporters don't work interdimensionally, and should.
  • Orientation cannot be specified for the player leaving the transporter.


There are a number of additional changes planned or in development at this time. The project is currently in an alpha stage with testing ongoing with my server. You are welcome to test the plugin and let me know your thoughts.

  • Add additional configuration options, including database configuration data.
  • Add additional database support (MySQL, etc).
  • Make block type for transporters configurable so it doesn't have to be a quartz block, but could be diamond, emerald, etc.
  • Add permissions.
  • Make it possible to disable a transporter by applying a redstone current.
  • Make sounds and particle effects played on transport configurable.
  • Support transport of minecarts and players in minecarts through transporters.
  • Performance improvements and testing.


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