This is the default config:

#Welcome to the Trails config. If you would like to add Towny support (no trails in cities), change HookTowny to true.
HookTowny: false
#Trails are composed of "Links" separated by a ">". Each link is comprised of 3 numbers: the item id, walks to degrade to the next link, 
# and the percent chance of it occuring. They should follow the followin format "id:walks:chance". If you want it to instantly change, change
# walks to 0. 

#WARNING: If two trails have one of the same material value links (the first number), all Trails will fail. Make sure no two links are the same!
    DirtPath: '2:0:60>3:5:30>13:7:100>98:10:100'
    SandPath: '12:0:100>24:5:30'


If the Towny plugin is present and you would like to add support for it, change HookTowny: to true.


To create a new trail, make a new config object under Trails: like so:

    DirtPath: '2:0:60>3:5:30>13:7:100>98:10:100'

This makes a new trail named DirtPath. It has 4 levels, Grass to Dirt to Gravel to Stonebrick.

Each level is separated by a ">" like so


Each level represents one "link" in the trail "chain". Each of the 3 values per Link is required. They represent as follows:


The id# is the block ID number, like 1, 2, 3, etc.
DATA VALUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED! You cannot do 2:2 to get grass:2.

The degrade# is the number of walks it takes to turn into the next link in the chain. Default is one walk over grass turns to dirt and one walk over sand turns to sandstone. This can be changed to any number above 0.

The %chance is the amount of times out of 100 that it will change. If you want grass to turn to dirt only 50% of the time, change that number to 50.

After all is done, it should appear like so:


This means grass will turn to the next link on first pass 50% of the time.

Do this as many times as you would like to make longer chains.


That's about it! Make sure NOT TO APPLY TWO item ids in different chains. Nether chain will work!


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