This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

TradeShop TradeShop is a plugin that will allow you to transform a chest into a shop that uses a barter system, rather than a traditional economy system. With the help of a few simple commands you can create a shop from a chest and add trade equivalents and quantities to the shop. The "trader" interface will be the same as seen when trading with a villager.


/tradeshop createUse the command and left click on a chest to create a new TradeShop. The chest must be an empty single width chest.
/tradeshop add <Buy Material> <Quantity> [Buy Material] [Quantity]Use the command and right click a TradeShop and then left click and item to sell, using the second optional Buy Material if desired. (Use_Underscores, not spaces)
/tradeshop adminUse the command to access the inventory or destroy a TradeShop that does not belong to you. Use the command again to return to normal mode.

To remove a trade or currency: Open the TradeShop chest and left click the item to remove.
To destroy: Simply destroy the chest.
To trade: Simply right click a TradeShop Chest

Alias: Use "ts" instead of tradeshop


tradeshop.userAllows a player to create a TradeShopEveryone
tradeshop.adminAllows a player to use /tradeshop adminOperators


First you need to create a TradeShop. To create a TradeShop, issue a create command and then left click an empty chest you want to turn into a TradeShop.

TradeShop inventories are locked to everyone except the owner, and those with special permissions. Those who can access the inventory will be limited to actions they can perform. You can not split or drag split items in the TradeShop. You can remove items from the TradeShop at any time; however if the item is attached to a trade, that trade will automatically be cancelled. You can only add items to the TradeShop if identical items exist in the slot you are placing it in or if if you have entered "add mode". To enter add mode, perform the follow command:

Add a trade buying 2 Emeralds
This command would create a trade buying 2 Emeralds. You would then have to stock the chest with the item you want to sell.

Stocking a chest for a trade
The next step would be to add the item you want to receive in the trade (including amount) to the chest. Adding these leather leggings will create the trade 1 Leather Leggings for 2 Emeralds.

The command above would create this trade
The command issued above, and stocking the chest above with leather leggings, would create this trade. Items will still need to be stocked in the chest, or the trade would only be available once (because there is only one item stocked).

Stocking a chest with multiple items for a trade
Putting 8 books in the chest would create a trade selling 8 books for 2 emeralds. After placing these initial books, you would have to stock the chest with more books so that the shop has books to trade for. Removing ALL the books from the chest would delete the trade from the TradeShop.

Flags support

Flags support is optional, if Flags is installed, the following player flags will be available and obey trust lists.

TSAllowCreateAllows the creation of a TradeShop in an area.Owner/Trust List only
TSAllowTradeAllows players to use TradeShops.Everyone

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Discussion Forum

In order to provide more centralized and effective means of feedback and support for my growing list of plugins, a new Discussion Forum has been created. You don't even need a new account to use it! This forum is exclusively for plugins by Alshain01 and discussion of their use and development. For other concerns, please consult the Bukkit Forums.


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