A simple trading system for two players. Just type

/trade <amount> <Item> versus <Amount> <Item> with <player>

to send a tradingrequest to a player. They have to accept /tradeaccept or deny /tradedeny your request, If they accept the trade will happen, otherwise everybody will keep their items. Supports PermissionsEx and Groupmanager. Also supports BOSEconomy!


This is a really simple plugin! If you want the sourcecode feel free to message me (:

If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs also contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]. It works as follows:

/trade 1 Dirt 1 Sand versus 2 Grass with Isadona


/trade 1 Dirt 1 Sand versus 1 Dollar with Isadona

sends a request to Isadona if they want to trade. If they accept the items will be traded and Isadona will receive 1 Dirt and 1 Sand and you will get 2 Grass (or 1 Dollar) from Isadona, otherwise you will keep your items.

Note: "Dollar" references to the name you gave your money in BOSEconomy preferences. Current MC-version: 1.3.2 If you like it, feel free to donate :)


A fan-made demo video: Click me!

Coming up:

  • Vault, for better Permissions end Economy integration
  • config for enabling/disabling trades between different gamemodes


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