This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



I'm sorry to have to put the state of this plugin to inactive. I simply don't have the time to put into maintaining the plugin.

Some time ago I tried adding a nice feature someone suggested. Only to find out about the item id changes. That's not a big deal for simple items. But the damage bits made defining complex items like potions/enchants/different variants of some items, quite simple. If I had more time I could invest it in this plugin. But unfortunately I don't have that time.

Added to that, I have no use for the plugin myself anymore (I don't play much and it's not used on the server I play on when I do). I mostly picked up support for this plugin because it was not maintained anymore.

If someone has a good alternative I'll be happy to mention it. Also anyone is welcome to clone the project and I'll do the same.


  • Make infinite shops - place gold or items in the chest, right click the sign, and watch the magic happen!
  • Become entrepreneurs! Have a lot of extra goods? Create a shop to let people easily buy or sell!
  • Change the currency if you don't like gold ingots.
  • Localization support, you can create language files, take TradeCraft.en.lang as example and configure the language in the properties file.


Continuation/mod of mjmr89 build of TradeCraft.

Credit for the core of this mod goes to the github/forum users mjmr89 and jdiamond (injektilo on the hey0 forums). mjmr89 started this port to Bukkit, but has gone inactive. At first I just maintained a working version of the plugin. But now that plugin has officially gone inactive I decided to start a new entry myself.

Old development/discussion thread


You can read the Manual here, or the Old technical manual here.


  • /tc[help] Show the TradeCraft commands a player can use.
  • /tcgetcurrency Get currency.
  • /tcsetcurrency [id[;data]] Set currency. To set a currency, use the id number, optionally add a data value by separating with a semicolon. Limited by permissions.
  • /tcshops Displays the personal shops you have and their current inventory/gold
  • /tcpshops playername Displays the personal shops of a specific player
  • /tcreload Reloads the plugin (and configuration files). Limited by permissions.
  • /tcplayerperms playername Debugging info if there are problems with permissions.


  • TradeCraft.canBuy Permission to buy from any shop (default: true).
  • TradeCraft.canSell Permission to sell to any shop (default: true).
  • TradeCraft.canMakePlayerShops Permission to make a player shop (default: true).
  • TradeCraft.canMakeInfShops Permission to make infinite shops (default: op).
  • TradeCraft.canDestroyShops Permission to destroy infinite or other player's shops (default: op).
  • TradeCraft.canSetCurrency Permission to set the currency (default: op).
  • TradeCraft.canReload Permission to reload the TradeCraft plugin (default: op).
  • TradeCraft.canQueryOtherShops Permission to get a list of shops owned by other players (default: op).
  • TradeCraft.canQueryPlayers Permission to show the permissions of a given player (default: op).

Note: The first three permissions are given to anyone by default. If you do not want a group or person to have these permissions, you will actively have to deny them (- -TradeCraft.canBuy for PermissionsEx for example).


  • items.yml Put all the item types and default (infinite shop) trade values you want to be able to trade in here.
    • By default this is a small list, but ModernDragoness provided a complete list. You can disable either buy or sell rate by writing a rate of 0:0.
    • vagrant326 made this spreadsheet that can calculate balanced values for items. Though it is written for currency-based trade plugins and will not output data compatible with the items.yml file, some admins or players might find it helpful.
  • Contains all player shop data (amount of items and currency stored).
  • Several settings for the plugin, read the comments in the file for more information.
  • TradeCraft.[].lang Localization files. By default only English is supported. But you can make your own translation and change "language" in the .properties file to choose to use that instead.


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