ToughAnvils allows anyone with the right permissions to mark an anvil as 'indestructible'. The anvil may still be broken by a pickaxe, but normal usage will not wear it out. This plugin was created to fill a request, and as it turns out, it's quite difficult to accomplish due to a lack of Bukkit API for locating the actual Anvil block involved in an Anvil Inventory action. ToughAnvils currently works with all 1.7.2-1.7.4 and will be backported to the 1.6.x series soon.


  • /toughanvils [set|unset]

Use 'set' or 'unset' to make an anvil indestructible, or destructible, respectively. after entering the command you will be prompted to hit the anvil you wish to select, once you've done this the change will take effect immediately.


  • toughanvils.command - required to have any access to the /toughanvils command
  • toughanvils.command.set - allows usage of /toughanvils set
  • toughanvils.command .unset- allows usage of /toughanvils unset


Other Developers may wish to hook into ToughAnvils solely for it's Anvil-Locating functionality, ToughAnvils provides a public method directly on the plugin instance:

public Location getAnvilLocation(AnvilInventory inv) {
    ToughAnvils toughAnvilsPlugin = (ToughAnvils) getPluginManager().getPlugin("ToughAnvils");
    if (toughAnvilsPlugin != null && toughAnvilsPlugin.isEnabled()) {
        return toughAnvilsPlugin.getAnvilLocation(inv);
    return null;

Source Code

This plugin is open source, and is available on GitHub.


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