Totem Poles

Have you ever wanted to ride the Ender Dragon? Or make a tower of chickens to the sky? Maybe you've just wanted to experience the feeling of having a tower of mobs ride on your head. With Totem Poles, anything is possible. Let me show you some possibilities...

Fly a bat! Fly a bat!

Fly a dragon! Fly a dragon!

Make a stack of multi-colored cows! Make a stack of multi-colored cows!

Ride a stack of chickens! Ride a stack of chickens!

Ride the wither boss! Ride the wither boss!

Ride your friend! Ride your friend!

With Totem Poles, the sky is literally the limit.

How to Use

Left click a mob with the wand to create links between two mobs. Right click the air with the wand to link yourself to a mob. Right click a block with the wand to clear your link.

Configure the wand item ID in the config file of the plugin.

  • Note you have to kill your vehicle in order to dismount.


  • /totem - List all available mobs for use in the /totem <mob1>, <mob2> [...] command
  • /totem <mob1>, <mob2>, [...] - Create a mob totem at the location the player's cursor is targeting using the specified mobs. Supports all major mobs including ender dragon, wither boss and baby mobs.


TotemPoles supports all major permissions plugins including:

  • Vault
  • GroupManager
  • zPermissions
  • PEX
  • PermissionsBukkit
  • bPermissions

description: Access to all TotemPoles commands.
children: true
description: Ability to use the plugin.
default: op

Bug Reporting

If you find a bug, a great way to let me know about it is either by posting in the comments here or by PM'ing me. I do my best to fix bugs within 2 days of reporting.


This plugin uses PluginMetrics. Although the plugin only gathers harmless information such as location and operating system of your machine, feel free to opt-out via the plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml file if you don't want the plugin to collect data from your server.



If you use Totem Poles on your server and enjoy it, show your appreciation by buying me a coffee. I go out of my way to ensure my plugins are bug-free and fully functioning and it takes a lot of my time. A link to donate with PayPal is at the upper right hand corner of the screen.


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