Ever feeling bored with the normal minecraft weather? Want to spawn in tornadoes that pick up entities, fly blocks around?! Well this plugin is for you! Help from @LucasEmanuel for this awesome resource!

To have some fun, try "/tornado 19 .9 200 false false" creates an awesome tornado!


  • /tornado
    • Shows how to use this command in game
  • /tornado <id> <speed> <# of blocks> <spew> <explode>
    • tornado.use (default to OP)
  • /tornado demo
    • Spawns a demo tornado using stone.

When using the command, here is a default one.

/tornado 30 .3 100 false false

  • ID - the item ID for the block, must be a solid block or it will not work
  • Speed(0.0-1.0) - I recomend using it around .3 area or it will look weird. How fast it goes in a directions, as well as spin speed
  • # of Blocks(number) - the max amount of blocks it can pick up and have in the tornado. Also determines the height.
  • Spew(true/false) - whether or not it will send blocks flying in all directions and be placed where it lands
  • Explode(true/false) - whether or not it will explode at the end


  • Some blocks will not work, like cake, etc. They have to be solid blocks. I will add checks in the future, but if the tornado does not work and prints an error in console, it is due to it NOT being a block that can be in a tornado. I have warned you , and will be deleting tickets or comments that raise the question of why there are errors when using non solid blocks! Possibly fixed in v1.1. Not much testing done.
  • By default the tornado moves east about 10 blocks IF the speed is under 1. Speed determines how far away it goes
  • Meta values like colored items will NOT work in this current version. I haven't figured out how to get the byte from the command. Will be there in future versions!
  • Do NOT set the material to 0 or air. This can possible cause a client crash, i would recomend to use 30, the ID for a web, which makes it look realistic!


tornados tornado tornados

Upcoming Features

  • Ability to use in team games, IE won't attack players on the same team
  • Ability to use meta data like colored glass, wool, etc.
  • Better messages so it just says there is an error and doesn't create huge error in console.


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