Version 0.9

  • Supports CraftBukkit Beta Build 1.2.3-R0.1 #2034)
  • Bow charging supported
  • Arrows can set blocks on fire (check out the setting in config-file and the new permission setting (torcharrow.setBlockOnFire)
  • Added light effect that follows the player
  • Rewrote the config-file: - Each arrow type can now be customized much better! (e.g bows now have separate delays) - Added some new settings
  • Added new permission-setting: torcharrow.setBlockOnFire
  • Refactored the whole code and made some big changes under the hood.
  • Flare arrow has now impact light radius that can be changed in the settings

Version 0.8.1

  • Fixed the plugin for newest recommended build (1.0.1-R1)

Version 0.8

  • Fixed "Sometimes blocks on the surface area may stay illuminated if a torch arrow has been used in day time or in sunset." bug.
  • Organized old functionalities to three arrow types: Normal torch arrow, Redstone torch arrow and Flare arrow.
  • Added a warning message and sound to inform you if you try to shoot with your bow when you have no arrows. This can be turned off from config.
  • Rewritten light effect for MC 1.8.1
  • Simplified the usage of the arrows. Normal arrows can be located in any inventory slot. Torch stack, redstone torch stack or glowstone dust stack has to be put on the right side of the bow.
  • Changes in configuration file.
  • Changes in permissions

Version 0.7

  • Re-added the setting for disabling/enabling torch spawning in config file. By setting this "spawnTorches"-setting to false, it will override the permissions concerning the torches and just disable the torch spawning from every player in the server.
  • Removed commands "/torcharrow disable" and "/torcharrow enable" because they are not so useful and they were quite misleading
  • Changed the way how light area is calculated for faster processing. The arrowGlowFalloff-setting in config now acts differently because of this. By changing the value of arrowGlowFalloff between 0-6 one can now reduce the light area more accurately. For example if arrowGlowFalloff is set to 1, the maximum light area is cropped by one block unit in every dimension. If set to 6 (when the arrowGlowIntensity is 15), the light area is reduced to none, so the effect is same as setting arrowGlowIntensity value to 0. By tuning this value one can reduce the processing time of the glow effect if it slows down the server excessively.
  • Added new experimental feature "static glow". If the static glow is activated, the shot torch arrows will remain lit after impact and will go out after a predefined time. This works as a "flare arrow". I'm still trying to work out the glitches concerning this feature. At least one problem arises if static glow arrows are spammed too much on the same place. It may cause some lit areas to remain, but they can be removed by destroying or placing a block near the area. Remember to disable torch spawning from config or by permissions and set staticGlow to "true" from config to activate this feature.
  • Addressed the issue described at here. This bug never appeared for me although I tested it extensively, but I changed the way how the stuff was handled, so it should not arise anymore.
  • Changed some of the permissions settings to achieve better compatibility with pEX and its '*'-setting. Hopefully this did the trick. Most of the features are activated by default, so permission changes are only needed when disabling features for groups or players. The torcharrow.* and torcharrow.torches permissions are just shortcuts to reduce amount of typing when handling the permissions.
  • One should remove and generate the config file again as there are some changes done and arrowGlowFalloff is now working differently, so the new default values may work better.

Version 0.6

  • Added ability to set entity on fire by chance (that is defined in config) with torch arrow
  • Added smoother lighting effect that can be enabled from config
  • Added a new command for reloading the config file in-game (usage: /torcharrow reload). By default the ops can use the command.
  • New permissions:
    • torcharrow.burn: Allow/disallow player to set target on fire (by x percent chance defined in config)
    • Allow/disallow redstone torches to be spawned.
    • torcharrow.torch: Allow/disallow normal torches to be spawned.
    • torcharrow.reloadcmd: Allows player to use "/torcharrow reload" in game to reload config.
    • torcharrow.torches: Enables both torch arrow types. (default true)

Version 0.5

  • Added permission support
  • Removed allowBlockMelt and spawnTorch from config

Version 0.4

  • Better torch placing algorithm
  • One is now able to shoot redstone torch arrows if he uses a redstone torch stack instead of normal torch stack
  • Torches can be placed on snow with torch arrow
  • The torch arrow is now activated only if the items needed are placed in order Bow-Arrow-Torch in the hand held inventory (this is because the of the added new arrow type)
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 0.3

  • More clever torch placing on arrow impact. The torches should not spawn on chests, furnaces etc.
  • Disabled the irritating feature of bow that made it shoot an arrow when an interactive block, like door or chest, is clicked with the right mouse button. * Doors and stuff should now stay in one piece and not just go *boof*
  • Removed the feature that allowed the next torch arrow to be shot only after the previous one was dead.
  • Arrow is now removed when a torch is created.
  • Added a delay in the torch arrow shooting (change it in config to your liking). Normal arrows are not affected.
  • Added a bunch of new config settings.
  • Added some explanations in the config-file.
  • Added melting functionality that melts ice and evaporates snow in arrow glow radius.
  • Fixed small bugs that produced errors in certain conditions.

Version 0.2

  • Added functionality that removes a torch if hit by normal arrow.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 0.1

  • The first release.


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