Top Ten Heads

Top Ten Heads is a plugin for ASkyBlock that displays your top ten players as heads above signs listing their island level. Heads and their ordering are automatically updated when players update their island levels. You must be running ASkyBlock for this plugin to operate.

TopTenHeads screenshot

YouTubeVideo here!


  • Provides a fun head-based top ten for servers
  • Top ten boards can be placed in any world
  • Top tens can be any size, even just one if you want to show just the top player
  • Head positions and scores update automatically!
  • More that one top ten panel can be placed


  • Make sure ASkyBlock is installed
  • Place this jar in your plugins folder
  • Restart the server
  • Watch the video on how to place the signs, but simply, just place a row of signs and type /placetopten
  • You must be Op or have the askyblock.mod.topten permission to do this.
  • You should be done!

Removing a top ten panel

  • Look at the #1 sign and type /removetopten


  • The top ten is not protected from damage by players. You should use WorldGuard or some other protection plugin to avoid damage



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