Get the conversation started with TopicOfTheDay!

What it is: A simple plugin that shows a topic to players when they log in, encouraging them to engage in conversation. Great for breaking the ice on community servers.

How it works: When the server starts up, it grabs a random topic from config, then when players log in, they are shown this topic. Want a different topic? You can reroll your topic at any time to get the conversation going again.

Commands & Permissions: Base command: /topic or /totd

  • /totd - Displays the current topic. Permission: totd.view | Default: true
  • /totd help - Displays all available commands for this plugin. Permission: | Default: true
  • /totd reroll - Changes the current topic to a random new topic from config. Permission: totd.reroll | Default: op | Alias: /totd rr
  • /totd add <new topic...> - Adds a new topic to config. Permission: totd.add | Default: op | Alias: /totd a <new topic...>
  • /totd remove <old topic...> - Removes an old topic from config. Permission: totd.remove | Default: op | Alias /totd r <old topic...>
  • /totd broadcast - Shows the current topic to all players. Permission: totd.broadcast | Default: op | Alias /totd b
  • /totd reload - Reloads the config. Permission: totd.reload | Default: op | Alias /totd rl

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