This plugin lets you spawn items like you know from the popular TooManyItems mod. It includes a search bar, you can clear your inventory with one click, and more.


  • Totally configureable item list, set a custom name, the amount to spawn each click, and even data value.
  • Select which items should be visible by default
  • Can set the item names for the inventory tooltips (optional)
  • Search for a specific item (by name or item id)
  • Sell items (See the configuration chapter)
    Supported Economy Systems:
    • iConomy
    • BOSEconomy
    • EssentialsEconomy
    • MultiCurrency


TooManyBuckets uses SuperPermissions, the one built into Bukkit. The only current permission is toomanybuckets.use, it defaults to ops.

How to use

There is a command to open the screen, /tmi. I know you want to use a shortcut for that, so you can use my plugin Shortcuts to do that (it offers flexibility for every user because each user can define his own shortcuts).
In the screen, you can type something in the text field to search. The view below will automatically filter the results. When you want to spawn an item, just click on the button.
You can also clear your inventory, when it's very screwed from cheating too many buckets -.-


You can configure which items appear in the search results by editing the items.yml file in the TooManyBuckets folder. Here's an example item:

    amount: <amountToSpawn>
    indefaultview: <should it be in the standard view? (true|false)>
    data: <data value>
    type: <item id or name>
    price: <price you want to set (optional)>

You can add as many items as you want to the file. You can also configure if it should update the tooltip names in the inventory to the names you defined in items.yml and if the data value should appear in the tooltip in the TooManyBuckets window.


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