/applyUpgrade <upgrade> (Player) 

> Apply an upgrade to the item the Player is holding

/removeUpgrade <upgrade> (Player)

> Remove an upgrade from the item the player is holding

/upgrade <upgrade> (Player)

> Get a certain upgrade Item

/upgradeRecipe (before v1.1)

/upgradeRecipe <upgrade>

> Open a Recipe View for an Upgrade

/upgradeRecipe (since v1.1)

/upgradeRecipe show <recipe>

> Open a Recipe View for an Upgrade Recipe

/upgradeRecipe reset (confirm)

> Reset Upgrade Recipes to default

/upgradeRecipe delete <recipe>

> Delete an Upgrade Recipe

/upgradeRecipe create <upgrade> <type> custom_recipe_id

> Create an Uprade Recipe

-> Types:

- SHAPED (Crafting Recipe where the layout matters)

- SHAPELESS (Crafting Recipe where the layout doen't matter)

- SMELTING (Furnace Recipe)

- BLASTING (Blast Furnace Recipe)

- SMOKING (Smoker Recipe)

 > The custom_recipe_id is a unique identifier for the created recipe

Upgrade Application

(v1.1 and below)


Upgrade Crafting (default Recipes)

Auto Smelting (Tools):

> Automatically smelts Blocks you break

Ender Mask (Helmet):

> Prevents Enderman from attacking you when you look at them

Fadeless (Tools, Weapons & Armor):

Prevents Items from being lost on death

Life Bonus (Armor):

> Gain extra hearts

Magnetism (Tools & Weapons):


> Get Mob and Block Drops directly in your inventory

Mob Capture (Tools & Weapons):

> Allows you to capture a mob in your Item
> Shift + RightClick on Spawner to change Type

Multi Miner (Tools):

> Mine multiple Blocks at once
> Shift + Break to mine only one block

Silky (Tools):

> Mine blocks that you normally can't mine
> Currently only supporting Spawners and Dragon Eggs

Soft Fall (Boots):

> Prevents you from taking Fall Damage

Teleportation (Tools & Weapons):

> Sword: Allows you to use a short range teleport (shift + rightClick)
> Bow: Teleport to arrow destination


(Since v1.2) ------------------------------------------

Enchantment Relocation (Book):


> Allows you to extract enchantments from items

> Used in Grindstone


Celestial (Armor):


> Enables the ability to fly when applied on all armor pieces

> Defines the maximum amount of blocks that can be broken at once

> Defines the range you can teleport with the teleportation upgrade (only effects swords)

(since v1.2)

> Determines whether blocks like grass or stone should be replaced when hitting the ground too hard

> Determines whether the player should lose xp while flying

> The amount of xp drained from the player per block when flying

> Determines whether the player should take fall damage while wearing celestial armor



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