This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

<font color="#00a2ff" size="4">What is ToolRepair?</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> This is a simple plugin to allow users to repair their damaged tools/armour. It has functionality for iConomy if you wish to use it. It also allows for ownership of the ToolRepair Station with the added bonus of the profits of the users of the owned station (both the base costs of materials and base cost of the Station itself are configurable). This plugin is a build off of retsrif's Blacksmith, so if you want his version check it out here. </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">Features:</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> • A physical station to make repairs. • Repair Shears and other weapons/armor • Command-Less • iConomy Support </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">Optional Dependencies:</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> • iConomy 5.0+ </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">Setting up a station:</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> On the top line of a wall sign type ToolRepair (Capitalization isn't important) If you wish you may put a username on the second line and create a Station and the user you enter is the owner of that Station. </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">How to use Station Sign:</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> (With iConomy) Left Click the Station sign for the value of repairing the item you click with. Right Click the Station sign to purchase a repair. </font><font color="#5f5f5f"> (Without iConomy) Left Click or Right Click the Station sign to purchase the repair. Features: </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">Setup:</font> <font color="#5f5f5f"> 1) Place ToolRepair.jar within your plugins folder 2) Config will generate when the plugin loads (also included in the zip) 3) Configure the settings in the config.yml to your need </font> <font color="#00a2ff" size="4">Current Version: </font><font color="#5f5f5f" size="4">1.8</font>


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