1. Download

2. Using the library in your projects

  • I will demonstrate this here using the far-spread IDE 'Eclipse' (Indigo), but it should work in a similar fashion using other IDEs (or none).
  • First, you should have your project ready, and it should look somewhat like this:
What you should see
  • Once you have that, you need the file. It should look similar to this:
The files
  • You extract it's contents into a folder, I called it "lib", that ONLY contains that source. [!]
  • Afterwards, back in Eclipse, you right-click your project, in my case called "MyPlugin", and click Build Path -> Link Source...
  • It should open up a dialog window like this one:
Dialog window 1
  • In there, you type the path to your directory that has the extracted source in it, for me, again, it's "lib".
  • In the second text field, you just type lib, that's what your additional source folder will be called.
Dialog window 2
  • Now you only need to make sure that, when you export your project and make it into a JAR file, you export the library (the contents of the "lib" folder) with it, otherwise your plugin will not work properly.


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