Tobi Motd

Tobi Motd is a simple Motd plugin (Like the one in the server.propeties but this one
comes up after you are logged on)
To change the motd open the config.yml file in the Tobi Motd
directory. To use the motd codes you simply add them in the line. Example:
MOTD : 'Welcome %NAME%, The time is now %TIME%'
would if i logged in when the world time (not real time) was 17.15 become
Welcome rosaage, The time is now 17:15

The New codes won't work in console!

Small fixes

Newest Version: 2.9!

/motd - to show the motd
/setmotd - to set the motd ingame
/tm - to reload the config (after manual update of config.yml)
/tm help - Help menu
/tm timer - edit timer settings.. read /tm help for more info
/TobiGUI - Open TobiGUI (Buildt in config editor for TobiMotd)

The Timer:
I'm not sure if everyone knows about it but there is a timer in the plugin.
The timer will when it has counted down show a message to everyone.
You will not see the countdown.
Some info about the config:

  • The Timer Message is the message that will display when the timer has counted down
    (If you have more then one the plugin will choose one at random.)
  • Timer Minuets, Seconds and ticks. These set how long it will be between each message.
    (20 Ticks is one second) And Will be added together so if the Timer Seconds is on 60, and
    Timer Minutes is one 1 the message will display every 2 minutes.
  • Output to console is very easy to understand, It's basically if the message should be broadcast to the console or not.
  • And of course to use this Timer Enabled has to be true, if not the timer won't even run.

Permissions (SuperPermissions) - If you are OP you don't need permissions
tobimotd.reload - needed to reload Tobi Motd
tobimotd.set - Needed to set the Motd ingame
tobimotd.TobiGUI - Needed to open TobiGUI
tombimotd.timer - Needed to use /tm timer

Motd Codes: (Important! Case Sensetive!)
%B% - Bold Text (New!)
%M% - Magic Text (New!) - Haven't tested yet not sure what it does.
%I% - Italic Text (New!)
%UL% - Underlined Text (New!)
%ST% - Striked trough Text (New!)
%D% - Default (New!) - Removes all colors/Formatting.
%S% - Space (only for the /setmotd wich doesn't support normal space)</del> - Not needed anymore!
%NAME% - The player's name (Not nick)
%TIME% - The time in 24h format: 17:35
%VERSION% - Bukkit version
%NL% - Make a new line (Usually you don't need this, but if for some reason it won't use multiple lines try this)
%WORLD% - The name of the world the player is in when he joins
%ONLINE% - Shows all online players separated by comma
%PAMOUNT% - Shows the number of online players (including you)
And Colors (look below for color table)

Example motd:
The sample motd MOTD: '&4This is my &emotd'
Will Become: This is my motd

escape - The message, and Pail
theguynextdoor - Colors, + more
Semirotta - The logo
tommykins20 - Some coding stuff
And all the others in the plugin development forum for helping me with minor problems.

New! - Got new donate button, it's now on the same line as Overview, Files...

Colors Codes


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