This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

TnT Pork:

About the plugin,

Are you tired of constantly receiving complaint's from players not being able to place or even use TnT? Well this will ease their pain! Instead of disallowing placement and giving the restricted block back to the user TnTPork removes it and gives back pork! TnTPork replaces the block with Cooked Pork, this is both useful, fun and does not upset the player as badly when they realize all their time Creeper Hunting turned out to be a waste...


  • -Allows you to block TnT and Bedrock. Option to disable this for Admins, Mods, Op's with a Permissions Node!
  • -Lets the player know that they are not allowed to place the restricted block.
  • -Replaces the restricted block with Cooked Pork, or soon, Any Block!



  • Permissions are not required! Will default to Op!
  • Blocks all players from TNT placement, unless they have the proper permissions node.
  • Notifies players when attempting to place restricted blocks.
  • Instead of giving the player the restricted block back, TnTPork will remove the block and replace it with pork!
  • Blocks players from using TnT and Bedrock *Currently Adding A Config Where You Can Choose Restricted Blocks.


1. Drag and drop the .jar into the plugins directory and restart the server.

2. TnTPork will not generate a config file as currently no values allow you to edit them, this will be changed in the next update! 4-5 Days!

3. Make Sure It Works!

Type: /tnt

If You Receive The Notification:

[TnTPork] Is Enabled on This Server! Version 1.0

TnTPork Is Working Properly!


  • Permissions Plugin Of Your Choice (Optional)
  • If No Permissions Plugin Is Found TnTPork Will Default To OP

Permissions - Allows user to place Bedrock and TnT

  • In Next Update! There Will Be Permission Nodes For Both Bedrock and TnT!
  • And The Ability To Toggle Players' Breaking Ability Of Restricted Blocks

Tested With: PermissionsEx

Join Our Dev Server And Try It Out:

  • Is Online EveryDay At: 4:00PM PST To 9:00PM PST


Version 1.0
  • + Release!
  • + Block TnT/Bedrock
  • + Added Op permissions
  • + Bypass With Permissions Node


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