This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Tntbow - expand the fun in Minecraft!

Thx for over 10.000 downloads!!

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What is it?

Tntbow is a plugin that let´s you create (as the plugin says) a bow that let´s you shoot tnt far, close, fast or slow. If you want to have this for pvp, fun or other purposes but you don´t want to destroy your server or other people/grievers, then you can "lock" the region so that tnt is disabled (or disable tnt).

How is it made?

Tntbow is craftable:

first row - TNT,TNT,TNT second row - TNT, Bow, TNT third row - TNT, TNT, TNT

You need one arrow in survival

Commands & Permissions

/tntbow help - displays the help center for tntbow

/tntbow info - displays the information about tntbow

tntbow.shoot - permission needed to shoot(or the other permission which is changeable in the config) - default: op - permission needed to display help and info commands (or the other permission which is changeable in the config) - default: admin & in config op

Problem fix section

So this section is to help people with problems that appear allot:

Under the files section you can download the newest version!!!

where's the config?!? - the server must be restarted with tntbow installed to create the config.

I can't shoot tntbow in survival?!? - in survival a minimum of 1 arrow is needed to shoot tnt - the arrows won't decrease so more than one arrow is not needed

If you have any more questions please write it in the comment section below or write a private message (to me :D) - pm

New features

This part may not be up to date


  • added name tag


  • added permissions (default op)
  • added config where permissions are changeable

New 0.12.3 update!

  • fixed config look
  • added /tntbow help and /tntbow info commands

Please tell me if you like this plugin or not and what you would like to have in the next update

Extra uses

  • Tntbow can be used for good purposes like mining
  • Tntbow can be used in a pvp arena for pure damage (then the region must be locked from tnt)
  • Grieving low ranks
  • pure fun
  • Ort minigames such as ace of spades or tntbow spleef

if you have some other ideas pls write it in the comment section


Check out my server at or


Just drag this in the plugin folder.

How to support this plugin

If you like my plugin buy me a soda by pressing the button below :)


Video made by VariationVault

Videos in different languages (not including the (what 20+?)English videos): Video in Portuguese by absintoJ Video in German by theMunicHunter YT Video in Polish by Jebanany PL Video in Hebrew by VODfirecraft

Extra Information

Tntbow has more files under the files section for the specific version! (and my minecraft name is Tomy_567)

If you have new Ideas or wishes please pm me or write it in the comments!


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