If you are tired of seeing players swim across oceans without using boats this is your plugin, a few seconds in deep water and you will see how your players lose their energy and convulsing trying to get to dry land and die in the attempt ... Next time they will use a boat :p

But they are not going to be safe at dry land because they are going to get tired out of the water too. Fully customizable, they are going to get hungry faster and in a more real way depending on his activity. The monitored activities are mining, building, jumping and walking, in descending order of fatigue produced. The fatigue will be different depending the material over they are walking. Dirt, grass, sand or gravel get you tired faster than walk over other block types!


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  • Add energy to every player.
  • when you are in deep water (at least 2 blocks or more) the energy begins to decrease.
  • If you press the jump key to swim, your energy go down quickly.
  • if you let yourself sink to the bottom or walk your energy go down more slowly.
  • If you run out of energy began to lose life and convulse while trying to reach shore or a boat.
  • When you're not in deep water or die, your recover lost energy.
  • All warnings about energy level will be in the chat.
  • You can configure lenguage message in configure file.
  • You can set the amount of energy that every player has in configure file.
  • Add fatigue out of water
  • Your hunger level dipends on your activity.
  • Highly configurable.
  • You can disable features in configure file.
  • Tiredman status and player status command added.
  • Excluded players by permission.
  • If you don't want a xx% energy level message, just delete the text (Example "5=")
  • Now you get tired when you are out of water faster when walk over grass, dirt, sand or gravel, becouse is harder walk over sand than over stone or grass.


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