This API is used for plugin developers to easily check the last time a player did something to call a certain event. For example you can check the last time a player moved from one block to another, or check when the last time a player broke a block. If you don't want to get the variable you can get the HashMap it is saved in. I made all the data that is saved public so you can do something different that is not provided in a method. For example you could get the HashMap of players with interact times and check which was the oldest or the newest. You can even clear the data if you wanted to. This API can be used to create an afk plugin, create a no lag plugin by allowing a player to only do so much per second, or create a login plugin checking if you login to fast. This plugin has no permissions, commands, or configs.

How to use the API (For server owners)

The only reason you would need this plugin if you are a server owner is if you are using a plugin that uses this API. How to install onto your server:

  1. Download
  2. Place in plugin folder
  3. Reload or start server
  4. Done

How to use the API as a developer

Click here for tutorial.



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