v1.0 - 21.10.2012

  • Completely rewritten (Project taken over by Phoenix_IV)
  • Days/nights can be shortened by using values smaller than one
  • External time-changes (e.g. by command or players sleeping) are detected
  • Players can't go to sleep if days are set to zero

v0.4.2 02.07.11 b754/cb953

  • Added /timefold report command
  • Fixed TimeFold calling from server console
  • Fixed something which could cause an OutOfMemoryError
  • general code reworking

v0.4 19.05.11 b681/cb766

  • Fixed: creating settings file on startup
  • Fixed: crash on non-existent world
  • reworked ActionListener, now allows 0 as a value for day or night
  • general code cleanup

v0.3 12.05.11 b669/cb740

  • initial public release
  • removed debug code