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  • _ForgeUser17073788 created this issue Sep 17, 2016


    I'm the Administrator of the minecraft server "Empty Void".
    I set the TimeFold.settings file in the same way it would simulate REAL day/night ratio in minecraft.
    With some calculations (using the wiki) it should be 75 days (12h30m of light) : 98 nights (11h30m of darkness) (without considering dusk and dawn).
    Well, now I would like to know if it exists a data. or config. file it would let me change the time in Minecraft adapting it to the real time.
    For example, I'd start the server at 7 am, so the server and the real time would be the same in synchro. (7 am = 1/75 day)
    But if I need to restart the server at 5pm, once the restart is done in Minecraft it should be 7am again, but in real time it should be like 5:10pm.
    Is there a way I can edit Minecraft time, adapting it to the real time?

    Best regards


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