TimedBlockRepair - Have blocks turn into other blocks over time!


  • You can configure any block to turn into any other block a specified time after it is placed.
  • For example you could have cobble turn into mossycobble 10 minutes after it is placed.
  • You can create as many records as you want! You can configure any amount of blocks to replace over time!


  • To install, simply download the TimedBlockRepair.jar file and put it into your plugin folder!


  • You can use /timedblockreplace instead of /tbr in any of these commands.
  • All of these commands use the Block ID, not the name.
  • For a list of blocks and their IDs, head to The Minecraft Wiki (link).
/tbr helpGives a comprehensive in-game help page (Around the same as this commands section, but with pretty colors)
/tbr listLists all current records (What blocks are currently set to turn into what other blocks after what time.)
/tbr add [FromBlock] [ToBlock] [TimeTillReplace]Adds a record to say that [FromBlock] should turn into [ToBlock] [TimeTillReplace] seconds after it is placed. If there is already a record for FromBlock, then it will be overriden.
/tbr remove [FromBlock]Removes the record that triggers when [FromBlock] is placed.


timedblockreplace.configAllows you to use /tbr and /tbr help. You need this permission in order to use ANY of the subcommands
timedblockreplace.addAllows you to use /tbr add
timedblockreplace.removeAllows you to use /tbr remove
timedblockreplace.listAllows you to use /tbr list


CostRepairs's source is available on GitHub: Github/TimedBlockReplace


  • Add PluginMetrics
  • Add cascading replaces. (For example you could have stone turn into grass, then turn into dirt, then turn into bedrock)
  • Create a name file and let the commands use names instead of IDs. (For example use /tbr remove stone instead of /tbr remove 1).

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