Setting up TimeBomb


  • Install TimeBomb and all required dependencies
  • Create a new MySQL database (if you don't have one already)
  • Restart your server

Configuration and setup

  • Open the generated config.yml
  • Insert your MySQL login information (won't work without them!)
  • Reload the server
  • Join your server and choose a place to set your TimeBomb lobby, get the coordiantes
  • Insert those coordinates in 'spawn' or type /tbzone lobby
  • Build your lobby
  • Create a sign at your lobby and get the coordinates
  • Insert those coordinates in 'signs.1'


TimeBomb offers command signs, so you don't have to type that many commands. The following codes can be put on the first line:

  • [tb join]
  • [tb leave]
  • [tb help]
  • [tb score]
  • [tb shop]
  • [tb info]

TimeBomb Zones


Follow these steps after you have built your arena:

  • /tbzone create <name>
  • Choose a place for normal players to spawn and type /tbzone create plspawn
  • Choose a place for TimeBombers to spawn and type /tbzone create tbspawn


  • Get the name of the zone (/tbzone list)
  • /tbzone remove <name>