TicketMaster was made to simplify and organize the interaction between players and staff by adding assistance tickets. Players can submit tickets so the server staff can handle their requests with ease.


  • Ticket Statuses (Pending, On Hold, Claimed and Closed)
  • Ticket Priorities (Low, Normal, High and Critical)
  • Players can create new tickets, comment on them and close them.
  • Staff can manage tickets by changing their priorities, their status, commenting on them, etc.
  • Staff can teleport to where the ticket was created, but only if they have permission.
  • User-friendly, very easy to use!
  • Players are notified about changes made on their tickets, even if they're offline at the time.
  • All functionalities inside a single command. All you have to remember is /ticket.
  • You can edit the plugin messages through the lang.yml file, including the plugin name.
  • Low memory usage and very fast response, uses SQLite to store the plugin information.


To Do:

  • MySQL support
  • Allow staff members to see when a ticket is claimed/closed.

    If you have any suggestions/comments, please make a comment


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